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Career Assessment and Coaching and Building Your Brand

 "Jean has an uncanny ability to cut right to the heart of self-imposed frustrations.  She is a gifted listener; Jean heard the subtext and identified opportunities for growth and improvement I had never considered.  Thanks to our working together, I’m achieving career goals that play to my strengths with renewed confidence and a more balanced perspective both in and out of work."  -- Andrea K.


Individual Differences at Work promotes resiliency.  Clients benefit from a proven assessment process and personalized solution-focused learning needed to grow and thrive in the complex world of work.

Whether searching  for your next position  within your company or making the move to a new company, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses (otherwise known as "skill gaps" or "develpomental challenges") and taking time to learn strategies that make a difference to company leadership, recruiters and colleagues will help your land next great job. 

Get to Know yourself:  Know your story. Learn what is unique about you as an individual contributor and how you show up at work, your Knowledge, skills abilities, leadership competencies, values, and blind spots. Learn what drives and motivates you. Build your own narrative and be able to clearly communicate your value to yourself and your organization. What are your assumptions and limiting beliefs about work and personal success?  

Individual Differences at Work partners with clients and challenges them to achive that next level of promotion or manage workplace challenges as opportunities for growth and promotion. Clients say the approach enables them to take control of their work objectives and become more resilient and strategic in delivering a higher level of performance. We uncover development opportunities and partner with our clients to help them re-brand themselves and:   

-Learn more about what others who share your interests/passions do for work.

-Learn more about how your personal vision of success plays into your plans to transition from your current position.

-Identify and leverage your core competencies with attention to your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA's).

-Learn about what drives you in the workplace -- motives, values, culture of work -- and the role these play in your worklife. Additionally,  what role these factors play in how employers view you.

 Questions answered:

Is there a benefit to re-branding myself in my current work environment? What would this look like?

What are others who share my interests doing for work? 

What are my leadership core compentencies?  What role do these play in the workplace? Do the roles or jobs I am interested in call for my specific compentencies? Where are my skill gaps? How resilient am I when faced with workplace or interpersonal challenges?

What is meant by company values and culture?  Do my personal values align with those of the companies I am working for or interested in working for? What role might these company values play in my success or failure in the workplace?



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