You are hereBuilding Resilience for Success in Work and Life

Building Resilience for Success in Work and Life

 "Resilience will affect one’s reaction to workplace experiences, such that those ‘with more resilience’ will be better prepared for the challenges ever-present in today’s workplaces" (Coutu, 2002) 


What is Resilience?

 The developable capacity to rebound or bounce back from adversity, conflict, or failure” (Luthans, 2007)


The latest research on resiliency suggests there are 4 factors important to the process of building resilience: 

  • Knowing yourself and your personal characteristics
  • Identifying your level of reactivity and triggers
  • Practicing shifting out of reactivity – how you show up counts!
  • Building a strong network of support


  At Individual Differences at Work Jean incorporates the latest behavioral research, focusing on building client resiliency through assessment, targeted learning, skills training, and coaching.



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