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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development


Individual Differences at Work promotes executive excellence as well as personal and workplace resilience.  Clients benefit from a proven assessment process and personalized solution-focused learning needed to grow and thrive in the complex world of work.  

Ask about how Individual Differences at Work partners with clients to deliver personalized solution-focused learning designed to:  

  • Assist leaders in better understanding themselves in the workplace and impact they have on others in your organization.  
  • Develop and practice strategies for developing more effective leaders, consistent with you and your company’s core values and your personal vision of success. Including a focus on continuing to develop leadership and management style. 
  • Explore plans for your leadership to make a positive impact on business results, work processes, and team relationships enhancing conscious engagement, the sense of well-being, personal and workplace resiliency. 


A variety of well validated assessments are used to enhance the understanding of the strengths and development needs of the individual, team, and organization to foster the awareness and the skills necessary to negotiate issues relating to engagement, conflict, organizational transition/change, and work-life balance.




 Assessment, coaching, and training offerings and learning modules are designed to explore:

  •   Immunity To Change Map Facilitation for Individuals and teams - Adaptive versus Technical Change
  •  Leadership/Business Competencies
  •  Motives, Values, Drivers
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Neuroscience/Whole Brain Thinking Preferences
  • Preferred mode of managing conflict
  • 360 degree feedback /Multi-Rater organizational feedback – the stakeholder story
  • Team building locally and globally- exploring sphere of influence.
  •   Healthy workplace practices that enhance employer wellbeing and contribute to performance

Founder, Jean Stetz-Puchalski, creates opportunity for growth where motivation, creativity, learning about the process of change, personal success, organizational success and resilience intersect bringing together the best in coaching and consulting solutions for high performing leaders and their organizations where work-life balance is a priority.

Clients gain an appreciation for the individual differences that spark creativity and richness in the way we interact with others and how these differences powerfully and positively impact the life we lead both in and out of work.


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